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Forecasting on a date other than 'close date'
Forecasting on a date other than 'close date'

If you need to customize your forecast, QuarterOne can forecast values aside from the Deal Amount and use other amount weighting.

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QuarterOne typically uses the Deal Amount of a CRM deal to create the forecast. However, you might want to create monthly forecasting using a different field in the CRM deal, like margin or quantity.

To support this, QuarterOne allows you to map other deal values in your CRM. You can even forecast two values at the same time or Line Item quantities (currently, for HubSpot CRM only)

How it works

  1. Log in to QuarterOne and navigate to the assistant tab on the settings page.

  2. Scroll to the Forecasting Values section

There are 4 options on this section:

Forecasting Weighting

Forecast Weighting lets you customize the value used in the Forecast Weight column in the Pipeline page. The Forecast Weight value is used in QuarterOne's Insights and Pipeline pages as the weighted value percentage. By default, QuarterOne uses the stage probability from the CRM's settings, but this dropdown lets you overwrite the copied value.

You can still manually update the Forecast Weight in the Pipeline page.


As mentioned, QuarterOne typically uses the Deal Amount for the forecasting. This dropdown lets you choose any other number type field in the CRM deal. The column name in the Pipeline page does not update, however, so you'll have to remember that the value reference has been updated.

Secondary Value

If needed, QuarterOne also allows for another value to be forecasted along with the Deal Amount or the selected field in the Value dropdown. This can be done by selecting a field in the Secondary Value dropdown. The Secondary Value forecast is based on the Monthly Percentage.

Secondary Value (Quantity)

This option is currently for the HubSpot CRM integration, but should be available to other CRMs soon.

If toggled ON, the Secondary Value used is the Quantity value from the Deal Line Items. This is very useful for production or delivery forecasting.


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