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New QuarterOne features 2021
New QuarterOne features 2021

QuarterOne feature releases you might have missed

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In our continuous efforts to develop QuarterOne and make your Revenue Forecasting easier, we've released new features this year that you might have missed.

Filter and view your Pipeline using your own unique Custom properties and apply the same unique Custom properties to filter your Insights.

Set Deal Owner level access rights for your Sales Team. Giving them focused Dashboard, Insights, and Pipeline views based on their own Deals.

You can now add more Custom properties from your CRM.

Spread your Deal Value in Prorata so that the first and last months adjusts based on the number of days left in the month and the Deal Duration

Identify the deals that make up your Pipeline graphs. Click on the "View in Pipeline" link in any of the graphs and see the filtered deals in the Pipeline forecast table.

Deal Line Items (HubSpot only for now)

QuarterOne allows to sync through Products and Line Items that are associated to Deals, allowing for forecasting based on the associated Product's information.

Export your QuarterOne Pipeline data as a CSV file or import via Google sheets Importdata. Compatible with Excel Power Query and Power BI connections. Use your data feed to create custom graphs and dashboard.

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