Connecting to Freshworks CRM

A guide to connecting QuarterOne to Freshworks and Freshsales CRM and refreshing deal data.

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The connection to Freshworks or Freshsales CRM can be created when a new QuarterOne account is registered and verified. Once a connection is made, it is not possible to change to a different CRM provider.

A connection to Freshworks or Freshsales CRM can only be established by Freshworks or Freshsales users with Admin rights. Specifically access to the Freshworks or Freshsales account API key. However, once a connection is established, the data can be refreshed by any QuarterOne users.

Connecting to Zoho

  1. During onboarding, select 'Freshsales' as your CRM

  2. Select 'myFreshworks' or 'Freshsales' as your Domain

  3. Input or copy and paste your Freshworks Domain and API Key

  4. Click on "Authorize" button to Authorize your Freshworks account to connect with QuarterOne

    Follow the steps on the next screens to setup your settings:

  5. Select whether you want to limit the deals you wish to sync to QuarterOne or sync all deals

  6. Select the stages that you would like to include on your forecast

  7. Select your Account Preferences

  8. Click on the "Save and Sync" button. Once completed, you will get redirected to the Dashboard of QuarterOne

Refreshing data

By default, the QuarterOne will refresh your Freshworks or Freshsales CRM data every 24 hours, overnight.

Data can also be refreshed on demand from the Dashboard page or Data & CRM settings page.

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