Connecting to Pipedrive

A guide to connecting QuarterOne to Pipedrive and refreshing Pipedrive data.

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The connection to Pipedrive is created when a new QuarterOne account is created. Once a connection is made, it is not possible to change to a different CRM provider.

A connection to Pipedrive can only be established by Pipedrive users with Admin rights. However, once a connection is established, the data can be refreshed by any QuarterOne users.

Connecting to Pipedrive

  1. Login to QuarterOne after registering an account and confirming your email.

  2. At the Connect Your CRM screen, select Pipedrive from the available drop down menu and click Authorise.

  3. You will then be requested to log in to Pipedrive and authenticate the QuarterOne application. Note, this authentication must be completed by a Pipedrive Admin user.

  4. You will then be redirected back to the QuarterOne application

  5. Select the CRM data you wish to import. Don't worry, you can always adjust these settings at a later date.

Refreshing data

By default, the QuarterOne will refresh your Pipedrive data every 24 hours, overnight.

Data can also be refreshed on demand from the Dashboard page or Data & CRM settings page.

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