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Export your QuarterOne Pipeline data as a CSV file or import via google sheets

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How does it work

QuarterOne can provide a secure data feed API to export your current QuarterOne Deal and Forecast data. The data refreshes right after a sync finishes successfully.

You can access the data feed API via Settings > External Data Feed. There is an Enable toggle that will activate the account's data feed links.

Two link fields are provided for easy usage.

  1. CSV URL

    This will provide a CSV file of your current Pipeline data. This can also be used as a connection URL for power BI or Excel for custom reporting. Learn about our Enhanced Reporting using customized worksheets and the External data feed from our help article: Enhanced BI Reporting.

  2. Google Sheets URL

    This provides a link that's ready to be used in Google sheet. Once added to an empty sheet, it will populate a table with your QuarterOne Pipeline data.

You can refresh the links and change the API id by clicking the 'Refresh Links' button. Note however, that this will render the previous links unusable.

Exportable Data

The External data feed API will export the columns available by default in the Pipeline page. This includes Deal information like name, client, closed date, deal owners, etc.

and the monthly Forecast values.

Maximizing the External data feed

There's an Excel template with Instructions provided next to the CSV URL.

This will download a worksheet which integrates your External data feed. Once setup, the file will show your QuarterOne Pipeline data and a monthly Forecast graph. You can create different views that's customizable for any report required by your business.

Additional Information

If there are custom properties you wish you include in the data feed or require help with creating custom reports to fit in with our Organization's business processes, let us know and we'll get back to you with how we can help.

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