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Products and Line Item Sync
Products and Line Item Sync

Syncing your Product line items to create accurate Pipeline Forecasts

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Why Integrate Products/Line Items

QuarterOne allows Users to sync through Products and Line Items that are associated to Deals. These are added to the Pipeline page as additional rows, allowing for forecasting based on the associated Product's information. Different Forecast spreading based on Line Item frequency(One-time or Monthly) allows for a more accurate view, and easier still as it's supported in the automated spreading.

note: Currently only works for HubSpot CRM Users. Will Update to work with other CRMs soon


How to Toggle Products Integration ON

  1. Go to the Settings page, and click on the in Data and CRM tab.

  2. Under the Deals section, you'll find "Product Line Item"

  3. Click on the Toggle to Switch it ON.

note: Setting Products ON or OFF will remove the forecast for Deals with products or the forecast for the Products, respectively. A new forecast based on product Line Item information will be generated


Pipeline view

Once the Product Line Item toggle in set, the main or parent Deal is removed and replaced with the Product line items associated to it. Additional columns will appear to show the Product Name, Period, Expected Start Date, Frequency, and Quantity. A information icon will appear beside the Value to let Users know that there is an inconsistency between the Parent Deal Value and the total Value of the Product line items in the CRM.

​note: The Product line items will have the same information as the parent Deal for non-Product specific information, including custom properties and fields.


Pipeline saved Views and Filtering

An additional Filter can be applied on the Pipeline saved View to allow a preset view based only on particular Product types that Users would like to Focus on.



  • Use the Pipeline Value icon symbol to identify inconsistent data with your Deals and associated Product line items.

  • Create custom or non-linear automated forecast spreading by adding different Line items for Revenue recognition; 'Downpayment' for large initial revenue and 'Monthly Payments' for smaller linear succeeding payments

  • Group by 'Deal Name' to group Products together from the same Deal.

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