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Insights custom filter
Insights custom filter

A guide to using custom report filters on the Insights page graphs

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The Insights page has built-in set of filters for users to customize the graphs. By default the page shows all pipeline values for the Current Fiscal Year. User can further drill down by filtering out pipelines, clients, owners, and stages.

Insights page built-in filters

To learn more about the features of the Insights page, check the Insights Overview and other helpful articles.

However, if the user needs to filter down the Insights using a different field from the built-in options or a customized field from the CRM, it can be done by adding a custom Report filter.

How to use Custom Filters

Columns outside the given Pipelines, Stages, or Owners can be used to filter the deals in the saved view.

  1. First, the user must go to Data & CRM Settings in the Setting module

  2. Scroll down to the "customer report filter" setting

  3. The user can select a field from the CRM to use as a filter in the saved Pipeline view and and the Insights graphs

custom report filter

Once a custom report filter is saved and synced in the Settings, it will appear as an additional filter in the Insights page. This allows the user to customize the data in the graph using the items within the added field; allowing for more versatile analysis on the pipeline values.

custom filter in Insights

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