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Possible reasons why your CRM deals may not be appearing in QuarterOne.

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If you are unable to locate a deal in QuarterOne, this may because some settings need to be updated in the QuarterOne app. Please check the following are correct.

1. Sync is up-to-date

The QuarterOne application will only include changes made in your CRM prior to the latest sync date. You can find out the latest sync time status from the Dashboard page of the application. Click to sync icon next to the latest sync time to refresh your CRM data at any time.

2. CRM Deal stages turned on in CRM Settings

Deals will not appear in QuarterOne if their associated deal stage is disabled within the Data and CRM settings section of the app. If you've recently added a new deal stage to your CRM, you may need to enable it in the QuarterOne app too (see image below). Once you've enabled a stage in QuarterOne you will need to re-sync your data.

3. Hide prior period deals disabled

The Hide prior period deals setting is a useful way to ensure you only see relevant deals on the Pipeline grid. However, if a deal has a nil value or has been fully allocated months in a previous period, it will not appear on the Pipeline grid.

If you can not find a deal, try turning off this setting (Data and CRM settings section) to see if the deal is hidden in a prior period.

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