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What is the difference between Free and Paid versions of the application?
What is the difference between Free and Paid versions of the application?
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The Free version includes our summary dashboard reports only. Its possible to automatically spread deals in the free version, but you won't be able to access a deal-by-deal breakdown of the amounts spread.


The Paid version allows users to access deal-by-deal analysis of their data and includes the following enhanced functionality:

πŸ”€ Deal slippage reporting
Track every change in your deal pipeline through time and understand if you're on target & moving forwards. Find out more

πŸ“ˆ Sales performance reporting
Drill down into team, client and business sales performance against target in a single view. Find out more

↔ Spread deal values
Transform individual deals into recurring monthly licences, retainers or ad hoc milestones without the hassle of using spreadsheets. Find out more

πŸ“Œ Historic baselines
Save a copy of your sales pipeline for future reference so you no longer need to maintain multiple spreadsheets. Find out more

βœ‰ Advanced weekly emails
Get a detailed weekly snap-shot of all the changes made to your sales pipeline in the previous week. Find out more

πŸ”„ Live data feeds
Get a real-time feed of your data in Excel or Google Sheets allowing you to build on top of your QuarterOne forecast. Find out more

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