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Upgrading to a paid subscription
Upgrading to a paid subscription

Summary of how to upgrade from a free trial to a paid subscription. Including managing your payment details.

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All new customers are automatically given a 14-day free trial of the QuarterOne Essential plan. After the 14-day free trial expires, customers will automatically be downgraded to a Free plan if they have not opted-in to upgrade their account.

What is the difference between the Essential plan and the Free plan?

  • Free plan -  includes the Dashboard and Assistant automation

  • Essential plan - includes the free plan features, plus Insights and Pipeline pages, allowing customers to drill-down into their forecast, compare their pipeline through time and manually adjust monthly deal spreading.

How to upgrade to a paid subscription

  • Select the "Manage subscription" link on the Dashboard page

  • Enter your Billing Address and Card Details in the portal box that appears in order to activate your Essential plan.

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