Viewing weighted amounts

An overview of using and viewing weighted amounts in QuarterOne.

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Editing the Forecast Weighting

A unique Forecast Weighting can be set for every opportunity, irrespective of the opportunity stage. To change the Forecast Weighting:

  • Navigate to the Pipeline page.

  • Ensure the Forecast Weighting column is added to the grid by selecting Customize Grid from the menu bar, and ticking the Forecast Weighting column.

  • Double-click into the relevant Forecast Weighting cell for a particular opportunity to make changes as required.

Viewing Weighted Amounts

Weighted Amounts can be viewed for every month of the year and the Deal's total value. To view or export Weighted Amounts

  • Navigate to the Pipeline page.

  • Click on the Columns drop down menu in the top right area of the page.

  • Tick the option Weighted Values from the list. Usually found at the end.

  • A new Weighted Amount column will then be visible next to the Monthly Amount column for each month of the year. A Weighted Deal Value column will also show beside the Deal Value column.

  • To view only Weighted Amounts, go to the Columns drop down menu and unselect the Monthly Amount column.

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