Editing the Forecast Weighting

A unique Forecast Weighting can be set for every opportunity, irrespective of the opportunity stage. To change the Forecast Weighting:

  • Navigate to the Pipeline page.

  • Ensure the Forecast Weighting column is added to the grid by selecting Customize Grid from the menu bar, and ticking the Forecast Weighting column.

  • Double-click into the relevant Forecast Weighting cell for a particular opportunity to make changes as required.

Viewing Weighted Amounts

Weighted Amounts can be viewed for every month of the year. To view or export Weighted Amounts

  • Navigate to the Pipeline page.

  • Turn on the Weighted Values toggle in the top right of the menu bar.

  • A new Weighted Amount column will then be visible next the Monthly Amount column for each month of the year.

  • To view only Weighted Amounts, go to the Customize Grid menu and unselect the Monthly Amount column.

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