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Adding custom CRM deal column
Adding custom CRM deal column

A summary of how to add custom CRM fields to QuarterOne

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Adding Custom Columns

-> Navigate to Data & CRM Settings in the Setting module
-> Scroll to the CRM Field section
-> Select CRM fields from the drop-down lists to match CRM fields to the following system defaults (Type, P&L Category or Date)
-> Alternatively, select "Add Custom Column" to add another column with its own unique heading.

Note, you will need to Refresh/Re-sync your CRM data in QuarterOne after new custom fields have been added. Custom CRM columns are currently limited to 5 columns, but please contact us if you require more.

Viewing Custom Columns

  • Navigate to the Pipeline page

  • Select Customize Grid from the menu.

  • The custom columns will then be visible within the Show Columns section of the Customize Grid modal. Tick the columns you wish to include on the grid.

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