Manual deal spreading

Here's how to manually spread deal values across multiple months using the Pipeline page.

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Option 1 -  Right-click shortcut

  • Navigate to the Pipeline grid view.

  • Right-click on the amount you would like to spread and select Spread.

  • Enter the number of months to straight-line the value over. Then click Spread.

Tip - if you make an error when doing this, right-click on the first month you intend to spread revenue from and select Move Total Value to move the total open value of the deal to that cell. Then try the steps above again.

Option 2 -  Enter amounts manually on-the-fly

  • Navigate to the Pipeline grid view.

  • Double-click on the grid beneath a month header to enter an amount into the cell.

  • Repeat this for each month you wish to enter an amount.

Tip - Click "Enter" on keyboard to edit a cell without double clicking. Use the "Tab" key on your keyboard to skip between cells more quickly.

Option 3 - Batch edit amounts using "Edit Mode"

  • Navigate to the Pipeline grid view.

  • Select Edit Mode from the top left of the menu bar.

  • Enter amounts onto the grid in a single-click.

  • Repeat this for each month you wish to enter an amount.

Option 4 - Spread by monthly percentage

Please see Edit amounts by percentage article for further information on spreading amounts across months by percentage.

Option 5 - Copy & paste

The Pipeline grid fully supports copy and paste functionality. It will even allow users to copy directly from a range of cells in MS Excel to a range on the grid.

  • Select the cell or range or cells you wish to copy

  • Use the keyboard short-cut "Ctrl+C" to copy the range. Alternative right-click to copy.

  • Then use the keyboard short-cut "Ctrl+V" to paste the range.

Note keyboards shortcut "Ctrl+V" must be used to paste onto the grid, as web browsers do not support the option to right-click to paste form a clipboard.

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