Adding targets

Summary of how to set, edit and view monthly Organisation, Client and Sales Owner targets.

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Setting and editing monthly targets

Targets can be set at an Organisation, Client and/or Sales Owner level. To set targets:

  • Navigate to Targets tab within Settings.

  • Click Add Row to add a new monthly target.

  • Targets can be assigned to Clients, (Sales) Owners or both by selecting names in the available drop-down lists.

  • All target amounts are included in the overall Organisation level target, irrespective of if rows have been assigned to an Owner or Client.

Viewing performance against targets

You can view Organisation, Client and Sales Owner level performance against targets in the Insights module. To view and analyse performance:

  • Navigate to the Pipeline Performance tab with Insights.

  • When no Client or Owner filters are applied in the Insights module, the entire Organisation target will be visible on the monthly forecast chart.

  • When Client or Owner filters are assigned to the charts, the targets will also filter to the appropriate segments.

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