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How to fit QuarterOne into your weekly routine
How to fit QuarterOne into your weekly routine

We find there is a lot of correlation between businesses with clear, consistent processes and those producing reliable forecasts.

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πŸ“¨ Weekly Reminder - every Friday

  • Every Friday, sales reps using QuarterOne will receive an email of their latest pipeline and a list of deals to investigate.

  • Customers on an Essential Plan will receive a detailed overview of their pipeline with quick links to update individual deals.

  • Customers on a Free Plan will receive a summary update only.

πŸ› οΈ End-of-week Cleanup

  • Add closed dates to every deal in your pipeline.

  • Close won awarded deals

  • Close lost stalled and cancelled opportunities

  • Update close dates, amounts and stages for changes to open deals

πŸ“ˆRun Reports - every Monday am

  • Prepare reports for your next sales meeting

  • Look at the current pipeline (Pipeline performance) and what's changed (Deal slippage) since the last update.

  • Save a new baseline in QuarterOne as reference point for the next sales meeting.

πŸ“… Sales Meeting - every Monday pm

  • Pipeline updates - Wins/loses, what's new & latest metrics

  • Discuss roadblocks and obstacles to closing deals

  • Agree action points

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